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National Backpain Pathway - Clinical Network

Early Recognition of Cauda Equina Syndrome
A Framework for Assessment and Referral

for Primary care / MSK interface services

The National Back Pain Clinical Network (NBP-CN) is delighted to announce the launch of new guidance; The Framework of Assessment and Referral of Early CES for Primary Care clinicians and MSK interface services.

Click below to access the Framework and recorded Webinars


To promote the implementation and advancement of the National Back and Radicular Pain Pathway NBRPP through a clinical network for the benefit of people with back pain in the UK.



  • To host an annual meeting titled “National Backpain Clinical Network”.

  • To develop networks amongst spinal clinicians.

  • To stimulate the exchange of models of service delivery, knowledge and ideas related to the spinal pathway.

  • To develop and maintain links to other spinal societies.

  • To contribute to the work of the UKSSB and the Improving Spinal Care Project.




The NHS England Trauma Programme of Care Board selected low back pain and radicular pain as a pathfinder project in 2013.  A clinical group of 30 stakeholder representatives worked collaboratively to produce an agreed, seamless pathway, extending from first contact in primary care through to secondary care and specialist services.  The first pathway produced in 2014 was updated in 2017 following the publication of NICE NG59. 


Regional specialised commissioning teams worked collaboratively with the transformation team in each CCG to support implementation across England.  Independent evaluation of the North East pathway demonstrated clinical benefit and cost savings of £826,505 (300,000 population).


In 2017 the UK Spine Societies Board supported the foundation of the National Backpain - Clinical Network to support health care professionals who have responsibility for the organisation and delivery of back pain services. 


The network currently has members, from a range of professions:

 Chiropractors, Commissioners, Nurses, Osteopaths, Physiotherapists and Surgeons. 


The network has representation to the UKSSB (non-voting) and is interrelated with the NHS England Improving Spinal Care Project. 


Regional representatives from the NBP-CN link to the Regional Spinal Networks. 



Membership of the group is open to Healthcare Professionals, from a range of professions, who have strategic responsibility for the organisation and delivery of back pain services. 


Joining the NBP-CN:

If you are a clinician who is a leader in delivering back care in the UK, then the NBP-CN is made up of people just like you. We would welcome you to join us and become part of a dedicated multi-professional community, who share a common vision of evolving and implementing the National Back and Radicular Pain Pathway (NBRPP).

Your subscription will support the ongoing growth of the network and provision of the best possible conference in 2019.


Benefits of membership:

Member benefits are listed here - Member Benefits (.pdf)


Become a member:

NBP-CN membership is quick and easy, please visit: https://www.joinit.org/o/national-backpain-pathway-clinical-network​

For more information, please contact the UKSSB Executive Assistant: ukssb@boa.ac.uk

National Backpain Pathway - Committee

To contact your local representative, please email ukssb@boa.ac.uk. Please include who you wish to contact and the region you are in.