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Below are NICE Consultations at various stages of development which are of particular relevance to Spines and Spinal Care.

The UKSSB and constituent societies register interest in feeding into these consultations. Please visit each consultation (links provided) for more information.


Current Open Consultations

Minimally invasive sacroiliac joint fusion surgery for chronic sacroiliac pain

Expected publication date: April 2017



Lateral interbody fusion in the lumbar spine for low back pain

Expected publication date: February 2017




Published NICE Guidelines

NG59 - Low back pain and sciatica in over 16s: assessment and management

This final guideline has now been published on the NICE website. You can also find the supporting evidence, as well as all the stakeholder comments, table 1 and table 2, that we received during consultation and the responses to these comments. The comments were invaluable in helping us to develop and refine the guideline. An equality impact assessment has also been produced to support the guideline.


The recommendations in the guideline have been included in a NICE Pathway, which is an online tool that brings together all related NICE guidance and associated products in a set of interactive, topic-based diagrams.  There is a version of the guideline for people using services, carers and the public called ‘Information for the public’. 

Listing: Spinal Conditions

Listing for all relevant guidelines NICE has produced on the topic of spinal conditions. Includes any related guidelines, NICE Pathways and advice.

NG41 - Spinal injury: assessment and initial management

This guideline covers the assessment and early management of spinal column and spinal cord injury in pre-hospital settings (including ambulance services), emergency departments and major trauma centres. It covers traumatic injuries to the spine but does not cover spinal injury caused by a disease.It aims to reduce death and disability by improving the quality of emergency and urgent care.


NG40 - Major trauma: service delivery

This guideline covers the organisation and provision of major trauma services in pre-hospital and hospital settings, including ambulance services, emergency departments, major trauma centres and trauma units. It aims to reduce deaths and disabilities in people with serious injuries by providing a systematic approach to the delivery of major trauma care. It does not cover services for people with burns.