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Partner Societies with a Spinal Interest
Worldwide Spine Organisations (A to Z)

American Association of Neurological Surgeons


American Black Chiropractic Association


American Board of Neurological Surgery


American Chiropractic Association


American Society of Neuroimaging


American Society of Neuroradiology


American Society of Pediatric Neurosurgeons


American Spinal Cord Injury Association


American Academy of Neurology


American Academy of Spine Physicians


American Black Chiropractic Association


American Chiropractic Association




Asia Pacific Orthopaedic Association - Spine Section


Association of British Neurologists


Association Francaise de Chiropratique


Association of British Neurologists


Association of Physiotherapists in Neurology

Association of Presacral Spine Surgeons

Association of Spine Surgeons of India


Australian Spinal Research Foundation


Austrian Spine Society


Belgian Neurosurgical Spine Society


Brazilian Spine Society

British Acupuncture Council

British Association of Spinal Cord Injury Specialists

British Association of Spine Surgeons

British Chiropractic Association


British Medical Acupuncture Society


British Orthopaedic Association

British Pain Society


British School of Osteopathy


British Scoliosis Research Foundation


British Scoliosis Society


British Society of Rehabilitation Medicine


Canadian Chiropractic Association


Canadian Spinal Research Organisation


Canadian Spine Society


Carers UK


Cervical Spine Research Society


Chartered Society of Physiotherapy


China Spinal Cord Injury Network


Chinese Orthopaedic Association


Chinese Speaking Orthopaedic Society


Chiropractic and Osteopathic College of Australasia


Chiropractic Association of South Africa


Chiropractic in Switzerland


Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation


Congress of Neurological Surgeons


Dutch Spine Society


European Association of Neurosurgical Societies


European Chiropractors Union


EuroSpine - the Spine Society of Europe


French Society of Spinal Surgery


French Society of Spinal Surgery


General Chiropractic Council


General Osteopathic Council


German Spine Society


GSF (Growing Spine Foundation)


Health and Safety Executive: Better Backs


International Chiropractors Association


International Federated Body on Scoliosis Etiology


International Intradiscal Therapy Society


International Research Society of Spinal Deformities


International Society for the Advancement of Spine Surgery


International Society for the Study of the Lumbar Spine


International Spine and Pain Institute


International Spine Association


International Spine Intervention Society


Italian Society of Spine Surgery


Japanese Society for Spine Surgery and Related Research


Korean American Spine Society


London Spine Unit




Malaysia Spine Society


McTimoney Chiropractic Association


Middle East Spine Society

National Ankylosing Spondylitis Society


National Scoliosis Foundation


National Spinal Cord Injury Association


Neurospine Society of Iran


Nordic Spinal Cord Society


North American Spine Society


Pain Association Scotland


Polish Society of Spinal Surgery


Portuguese Society of Spinal Pathology


Scoliosis Care Foundation


Scoliosis Research Society


Scottish Chiropractic Association


Society for Ambulatory Spine Surgery


Society for Back Pain Research


Society for Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery


Society for Progress and Innovation in the Near East


Society of British Neurological Surgeons


Society of Neurological Surgeons


South African Spine Society


Spanish Spine Society


Spinal Cord Society


Spinal Cord Society of New Zealand


Spinal Foundation


Spinal Injuries Ireland


Spine Society of Australia


Spine Universe




Strongbones Children's Charitable Trust


Swedish Society of Spinal Surgeons


Swiss Society of Spinal Surgery


Taiwan Spine Society


Turkish Spine Society


United Chiropractic Association


United Spinal Association


World Chiropractors Alliance


World Federation of Chiropractic


World Spinal Column Society

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