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GIRFT Report for Spinal Surgery now published

The United Kingdom Spine Societies Board (UKSSB) welcome the publication of this report.We strongly endorse the GIRFT programme and the wide-ranging recommendations made in this report.

The GIRFT programme has enabled the collection, analysis and publication of a range of clinical and process measures. The many visits that have been made to individual trusts have provided new insights and been a powerful stimulus for improvements in patient care. Bringing these insights together in this national report shows where progress has already been made, gives examples of organisations that are leading the way in driving further improvements, and gives focus to areas where more work is needed.

The report highlights some areas of excellent practice, and also some areas where improvements can be made. For example, models of care are not always reflecting agreed and well-evidenced pathways, and the report highlights the need to strengthen how the NHS makes use of scarce specialist resources. In common with many specialties, there are substantial quality and efficiency improvements that can come from more consistent and coordinated delivery of services across primary, acute and community care. Many of the recommendations in this report point to the need to re-invest savings that can come from acute care into supporting the management of spinal conditions outside hospital.

This report also highlights the need for targeted investment in areas where there is a clear shortage of capacity, such as Spinal Cord Injury services, which we support.

We have no doubt that clinical staff will respond with vigour and passion to improve, where they can, the services provided for patients.

Patrick Statham


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