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Dear Colleagues,

We need help to recruit some more subjects with chronic back pain who have not had surgery to this clinical trial.

The trial compares HF Spinal Cord Stimulation with a control stimulation. It is the first such trial which has removed 2 key biases: a) It is not commercially funded and b), there is a plausible asymptomatic control supported by patient and public advice. If positive, this study would provide a promising method to deal with chronic back pain. If there is no difference we have a major insight into a placebo response. It is funded by NIHR though RfPB on the basis of major NHS impact. All the pilot work and preparations suggested good recruitment was feasible, but grim reality has hampered recruitment.

The interventions are provided either in Middlesborough or St Thomas’ London. We are looking to open a couple of other centres. At present this means subjects will have to travel, but all expenses are covered.

Please look out for eligible subjects according to document in the link below, and if you have any questions or queries, contact details are also in document.

Kind Regards, Jeremy Fairbank - Co-Investigator

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